Turkey Marinas

Most people will have noticed the growing number of marinas in Turkey in the past few years. You have the Altinkum Marina, which made the headlines because -- with helipads, cinema screens and designer shops -- the largest marina onto the Aegean Sea brought hype and glamour to an emerging tourist town.

That was the main of several announcements of new marinas opening, including a new marina at Izmir and the refurbishment of the marina at Alanya.

Turkey previously had a strong fishing industry, but now tourism is the dominant industry. It is logical that all the fishing harbours would be turned into appealing touristic Turkish marinas.

The announcement of the Izmir marina opening was conjoined with an announcement that the government would be spending millio0ns of dollars to turn the Izmir region into a yachting centre with marinas and harbours being built and expanded throughout the region.

For anyone wondering why the Turkish government is spending so much on marinas, it is an integral part of their aim to attract higher wealth individuals to holiday in Turkey.

Right now the Turkish tourism industry is dominated by package holidays, which is great for the visitor numbers, but not so great for the bottom line. In package deals the hotels and providers in Turkey get a set percentage, plus whatever extras the people spend, but as we know, most package buyers go all inclusive and are very careful not to go overboard (see what I did there :-) on extras.